“Come and See” July 13th to August 17th, 2024

“Come and See” is a 6-Session Online Event with Andy Glover and Stephen Hill.
Jesus invites us all to “come and see” where He is living, John 1:38-39

In these times when the Father is being rediscovered, fresh insight is being uncovered. Andy and Stephen will be sharing some of these revelations during this 6-session event. This will be a time of insightful sharing and looking at some areas that are shaping our walk with God as Father in this season.

Early Bird Registration by June 30: Single $99, Couple $180.
From July 1 Registration: Single $119, Couple $220

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at andy@fatherheart.net

Come and See


Date UK European East Coast USA West Coast USA New Zealand
July 13 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm    7am July 14th
July 20 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm 7am (July 21st)
July 27 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm 7am (July 28th)
Aug 3 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm 7am (Aug 4th)
Aug 10 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm 7am (Aug 11th)
Aug 22 8pm 9pm 3pm 12pm 7am (Aug 23rd)

Each Session will start at 8pm UK time. If you are unsure about the time the sessions are starting in your nation please click HERE