This course is full. Another course will be announced soon. 


“Walking with the Father” is a six week online course for those who are desiring to go deeper with their relationship with the Father.

The course will include Teaching, Sharing, and Breakout Sessions online.  Whether you have attended a FatherHeart Ministries School or not, this class will cause you to experience the Father in deeper ways than ever before.

Session dates and times for “Walking with the Father”
Date  UK Time European Time East Coast USA West Coast USA
March 18th 4pm 5pm 12pm 9am
March 25th 4pm 5pm 12pm 9am
April 1st 4pm 5pm 11am 8am
April 8th 4pm 5pm 11am 8am
April 15th 4pm 5pm 11am 8am
April 22nd 4pm 5pm 11am 8am
Please contact us if you live in a different time zone
Please note that Zoom will be open 10 minutes prior to the session starting